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Biography of Jan-Oliver Wenzel

Jan-Oliver Wenzel was born in 1967 and picked up photography at the age of 17.

Jan-Oliver Wenzel
Publication of “Boston Outdoors“ in magazine “Photographie“ no. 12/04.
Second place at a competition held by magazine “Photographie“. First single exposition “42 Augenblicke”. Read Newspaper article.
Single show “Steps & Staircases” at Gallery Stephanie Hoppen in London, U.K. and participation in group expositions in Munich.
Start of the collaboration with Galerie Stephen Hoffman in Munich.
Publication of the book “Straight Images".
Feature about his work in publication “Through the Eyes of New Photographers”.
Winner at the competition EXPOSURE held by Open Shutter Gallery, Durango/U.S.A. Single Shows “Straight Images” in Munich at Galerie Stephen Hoffman and Commerzbank. (Press release, PDF 194 KB). Art historian Anna Wondrak explains the work of Jan-Oliver Wenzel at the opening ceremony (see speech, PDF 19 KB).
Joint show "Jan-Oliver Wenzel & Cara Weston: Contemporary B&W Photography" at Open Shutter Gallery. Read press release.
Listen Jan-Oliver Wenzel on Durango local radio station KDUR (MP3, 6.28 MB).

On the work of Jan-Oliver Wenzel

Looking at Jan Wenzel’s photographs, you get a feeling of utter tranquillity. Free of the hectic pace of everyday life, of kitsch and the ornate, free of noise and colour, they celebrate unusual perspectives.

The two major themes of nature and architecture have the common factor of being reduced to the essential, to the basic message of the objects. You catch an image of the inner beauty of the world in these photographs. A frequently fleeting moment lasting only the blink of an eye is immortalised.

The architecture themes live from clear forms and stark contrasts – the interaction of light and shadow, their endless change between light and dark are the determining forces. The represented angles of vision, with surprising perspectives, bestow the architecture with a frequently abstract character: it isn’t possible to recognise the representational perceived shapes at first glance.

It is not man that determines the architecture here – it is the architecture that determines man. Again and again, the clear lines and the straightness of the architecture guide the observer through gently curved stairwells and transoms through to the softness of the nature themes with their organic forms.

It is rare that man appears: if, then in a pensive, contemplative mood, at one with nature.

Jan Wenzel visualises the entire in detail. It is pleasing to the eye, to concentrate on the essential, and pleasing to man to become involved with himself. Looking at Jan Wenzel’s photographs, you get a feeling of utter tranquillity. Really concentrating, it seems as though not only the observer is holding his breath – but the whole world does.

Anna Wondrak, 2008.

Waterfall, Rocky Mountains Colorado, 2009

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado, 2009

Fading Glory, Cebolla, New Mexico, 2010

Hoover Dam, Nevada, 2009

Hoover Dam Detail, Nevada, 2009

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, California, 2007

Catwalk, Lake Starnberg, 2008

Pebbles and Sea LaGomera 2023 DSCF6080

Dove and Sea LaGomera 2023 DSCF6077

Rain Sea and Sail 2022 DSCF4042

Moon and Sailor 2022 DSCF3371

Lifebelt, Lake Starnberg, 2008

Sails 2022 DSCF3293

Sail Sea Sun 2022 DSCF3421


Bricks and Shadows, Colle val d'Elsa, 2014, DSC_5041

Road LaGomera 2023 DSCF6059

Railroad Crossing, Wyoming, USA, 2013, (DSC_3060)

Road, Clouds and the Teton Range, Grand Teton NP, Wyoming, USA, 2013, (DSC_3479)

Citizen 50W NYC 2023 DSCF4775

East Coast Memorial NYC 2023 DSCF4787 b

Reflection Chicago 2022 DSCF4509

Rainy Night Chicago 2022 DSCF4491

Riverwalk II Chicago 2022_DSCF4484

Riverwalk I Chicago 2022 DSCF4465

Parking for your convenience, Seattle, USA, 2013, (DSC_3574)

X Chicago 202 DSCF4522

Metal Shapes, EMP Museum, Seattle, USA, 2013, (DSC_3562)

Boston Outdoors, 2004

Stairway Madonna di Pugliano, 2003

Grass and Pool Bavaria, 2008

Dome of Sacre Coeur, Paris, 2012 (1591)

Spring Morning Place de Vosges, Paris, 2012

Tour Eiffel from Trocadéro, Paris, 2011

Modern Munich III, 2004

Sinner and Saint Triest Italy_ 021 DSCF1438

Window Triest Italy 2021 DSCF1491

Ruin I LaGomera 2023 DSCF6124

Old Man I, Marrakesch 2006

Kleinia Nerifolia LaGomera 2023 DSCF6096 b

Tree Detail, Vancouver, Canada, 2013, (DSC_3699)

Attic Chicago 2023 DSCF4708

Ascent Latemar Italy 2021 DSCF0477

Slopes Latemar Italy 2021 DSCF0468


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Edition 2 is limited to a total number of 20 plus 4 artist copies. Each print (size approx. 24 x 36 cm or 24 x 24 cm) comes stamped, signed and numbered at the back by the artist. Numbers 1 to 10 of Edition 2 is priced at 400,- EUR plus shipment. Numbers 6 to 10 of Edition 1 is priced at 800,- EUR plus shipment
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